• QiO Technologies

    Wireframes, Prototypes, UX Requirements, UX Testing

    QiO, a leader in the manufacturing AI-infused SAAS market needed a new user experience for a brand new product that helps manufacturers save on energy costs. 

    We responded with a design that presented valuable data visualizations against a bold background. This design spanned a suite of products in the manufacturing and energy segments. Stakeholder interviews were conducted to gather initial data. Customers were involved in most design decisions. Wireframes and a fully interactive prototype were developed for testing and in-house feedback.

    Wells Fargo
  • MeridianLink

    Wireframes, Prototypes, UX Requirements, UX Testing

    Over a year, we redesigned an existing B2B loan application to improve the user experience and reduce the number of clicks by 30%.

    Stakeholder interviews and contextual inquiry were part of our discovery phase. Wireframes and high fidelity prototypes were developed for further customer testing.Final UX requirements were delivered to the development team.

    Wells Fargo
  • Wells Fargo

    Wireframes, Prototypes, UX Requirements, UX Testing

    In the span of one year, we successfully completed our mission – to socialize UX best practices and processes into the development environment, redesign an existing application to enhance the user experience and use the latest tools to ensure responsive design across desktop and tablets, and manage ongoing UX defects.

    Stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry and online questionnaires were part of our discovery phase. Customer feedback was equally important in defining customized dashboards and content pages.

    Wells Fargo
  • Pacific Gas & Electric

    Wireframes, Prototypes, Design, Coding
    PG&E created a great product, but needed to improve the ease-of-use and ‘curb appeal’ in order to increase customer satisfaction and departmental funding.

    We redesigned the application and reached PG&E's expectations. We used our proven UX Incubator method by conducting stakeholder interviews, creating wireframes, high fidelity mockups, final art as well as assisting in HTML and CSS coding.
    PG & E
  • Fresenius Medical Care North America

    Wireframes, Prototypes, Design, Illustration

    This project required integrating the complex functionalities of three separate legacy applications into one. The UX Incubator utilized their user centered design expertise to produce a more efficient application work flow.

    Applying artistic skills in graphical design and utilizing WPF and the xaml language, we produced a stunningly visual yet simpler and more intuitive user interface that will be easier for users to learn and to be more productive.

  • Finesse Solutions

    Wireframes, Prototypes, Design / 3D Illustration

    This Apple inspired interface was designed to make the complex simple. We took a 'Windows 3.1' legacy user interface and brought it into the 21st century with a ‘match the real world’ approach to the presentation of information.

    A slick skin, 3D animations of biopharmaceutical equipment and WPF XAML based code made this app a clear winner.

  • Blackboard Collaborate

    Wireframes, Icons

    Blackboard Collaborate, a desktop and mobile collaborative learning solution hired us to redesign the user interface, including design patterns, graphical elements and icons

  • Nearspace Medical

    User Interface Design, Logo Design, Icons

    Nearspace Medical is a leading application developer for healthcare, creating best-in-class mobile applications. We've created user interfaces, logos and icons for Nearspace Medical mobile applications.

  • Nikon

    Storyboard, Design, Illustration

    Nikon presented the challenge: Educate customers about a complex lens processing application at a trade show while generating interest at their booth. Our solution -- a computer game.

    This fun and easy-to-use game informed customers about Nikon's product advantages. The results were lines of waiting gamers/customers and a huge lead generator.